Insert items

To place your bet, you need to add the appropriate item to your value stash

1. Enter your trade url.

2. Select items by clicking on them to add to your value stash.

3. Click on "Request insert". After that, confirm the exchange with our bot in Steam (trade will be automatically deleted if you don't accept it in 2 minutes).

4-5. you can sort the items in quality and price, respectively.

Place bet

6. Choose a team.

7. Select type of the bet.

8. Select items.

9. Click on "Place Bet".

Ez Profit

Types of bets

1. match - a standard type of betting in which the winner is determined in accordance with the score in a match.

2. handicap - in this type of betting one team is given an advantage, which is indicated in the tab of this type of betting. At the end of the match advantage is added to the total score of the match that was given to this bet type, and its view of the winner is determined. For example in a match Team Empire has a 1.5 game advantage in bo3, respectively, it is enough to win only one game to win this type of bet (handicap score 2:2.5), and Vega Squadron must have a score of 2:0 (handicap score 2:1.5) in their favor to win. Example #2: in a match Ninjas in Pyjamas has 4.5 round advantage, respectively, NiP should have won 12 or more rounds to win this bet (12+4,5=16.5)

3. № game - bet on the victory in a single match game where "№" – number of the game in the match.

4. fb № game - bet on which team will open a score in the game (make First Blood), where "№" - number of the game in the match.

5. f10 kills № game - types of bets in which victory goes to the team that earned the first 10 points (first 10 kills). "№" - number of the game in the match.

6. 1round№map - bet type is used for disciplines that have rounds in each game (CS: GO). The victory set off to a team that won the first round. "№" - number of the round in the map.

7. 16round№map - bet type is used for disciplines that have rounds in each game (CS: GO). The victory set off to a team that won the 16th round. "№" - number of the round in the map.


BetCoin - local currency of, which displays value of items that you can transfer to your value stash. The balance can be refilled if you receive less value on your won bets (when system is unable to find suitable items) or from the outside.

To convert BetCoin into items just go to your profile and click "Payout". Payments are made with any items in accordance with "Min value of won items" option.

Min value of won items

This option adjusts all payments on the site. When you set it, you can be sure that you won’t receive any items with lower value. The maximum value of items in payouts for each user is calculated based on the average value of items in his last bets. If you want to increase the maximum possible value of won items by 10% just add “” to your Steam account name. Updated several times per day.

Expiration time

Expiration time - time remaining until the expiration of 60 days of inactivity on the item (if item didn't participate in bets for more than 60 days). At the end of this time item will be moved to service balance and will be used for the distribution of prizes in bets and promotions. This option is designed to eliminate the clutter of our bots and to improve service speed.