Betting rules

  1. By placing bets on Bets4.PRO, you automatically agree with our rules and regulations.
  2. With regards to the value of your items: each value is determined by the Bets4.PRO system based on Steam Community Market prices. If you don't agree with the value that is given to your item(s) either place a different item, or don't bet at all.
  3. By placing a bet on Bets4.PRO you are confirming that you are in abidance with your country's laws which allow you to participate in item-betting. This is generally 18 years of age or older, but make sure to check.
    If we have any questions regarding your age, we have the right to freeze your account and ask you for documents to confirm your age.
  4. Values are updated automatically (daily) at our discretion and can be updated without warning - which may occur during active bets.
  5. In some cases, if your potential reward value is very low, (generally below 0.1) there is a small chance you may not win something, besides your initial items.
    In addition to this rule: in some cases, where the odds are highly in favour of one team and you bet on the favoured team, you may end up without any winnings at all. Reason being: more people bet on the winning team than the total amount of items lost. In these cases, potential reward values become irrelevant. It all depends on the total amount of items placed on the match.
  6. We are not responsible for the name tags,desc. tags, sockets or gems attached to your items. So, please keep in mind the item you bet, may not be the same one that is returned to you.
  7. Cancel bet closes 15 minutes before the start of every match.
  8. If the match format is best of 2 (BO2) and the result is: 1-1 - all items are returned to thier owners.
  9. If a match has been postponed the bet may be closed and all items will then be returned to their owners.
  10. However, if a match has been postponed for less than 24 hours the bet may be locked and items will then be kept until the end of the match.
  11. If a game (within a match) has been postponed for more than 36 hours - the bet may be closed and the items will then be returned to their owners.
  12. if a team forfeits the match: In a Best of 2 / Best of 3, if at least 1 game is played and won by *team A* and *team B* forfeits the remaning games, the bet will remain. In a Best of 5, if at least 2 games are played and won by *team A* and *team B* forfeits the remaing games, the bet will remain. If, in the case *team A* win 1 game (in Best of 3) or 2 games (in Best of 5) and then proceed to forfeit the remaining games, the bet will be closed.
  13. In most other cases (not described in the rules), if one of the teams in the match can not play, and the other team gets a technical victory (if this is not a defwin) - all bets will remain.
  14. All winnings will be paid as dota 2, cs:go, PUBG items or BetCoin.
  15. Football: Penalty Shootouts do no count. Extra Time does not count in match series.
  16. Hockey: Penalty Shootouts do no count. Extra Time does not count in match series.
  17. In almost every case, if a team is allocated a defwin, for whatever reason, the match may be closed.
  18. Regardless of standins or roster changes, all bets should stay open. We provide the scheduled games at their scheduled times, not the team information.
  19. It is up to you to do the necessary research prior to betting on a team. This also includes benefit from the winners bracket, game format changes, for example: if a Best of 3 game becomes a Best of 1 game - the bet will remain, etc.
  20. You have 60 days to claim your items/winnings from your returns. After which, these items will be claimed by Bets4.PRO and used for giveaways, promotions and, in some cases, added to winnings of future bets.
  21. These are the basic rules to which we operate, however, we reserve the right to change these rules at anytime without warning.
  22. Bet at your own risk.